Recall of varieties of cheese due to listeria

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Cheese maker is recalling entire product groups for listeria

After the cheese maker Bergpracht Milchwerk started a recall campaign a few days ago, it has now been expanded. Various cheese products may contain listeria that cause flu-like symptoms or diarrhea. Among other things, Aldi is supplied by the company.

Expansion of the recall campaign The Baden-Württemberg company Bergpracht Milchwerk has significantly expanded a recall campaign launched a few days ago. As the cheese manufacturer says, as a precaution and for reasons of preventive consumer protection, the product groups white cheese, soft cheese with blue mold, soft cheese with ingredients and semi-solid cheese with white mold would be recalled. As the company said in Tettnang on Lake Constance, the packs could contain listeria that cause flu-like symptoms or diarrhea, in rare cases even with fatal consequences. The products that have reached the wholesale and retail trade carry the veterinary control number DE-BW 077-EG.

Sales price will be refunded. In the past few days, the company had initially only taken 150-gram packs of “Bioland Bio Hofkäse” and “Our home farm cheese” from the market. The now recalled varieties, including their best-before dates, can be found on the company's website ( Now numerous types of cheese from Bergpracht, Tettnanger, Alpenmark, Omira, Dennree, Heirler, Von Hier, Fiori, Bayernland, Cheeseland and Our home are affected by the recall. Among other things, Bergpracht supplies parts of the Aldi Süd supermarket chain and food retailers. As the company says, buyers of the affected products will be reimbursed the selling price if they return them. This also without presentation of the receipt. "It cannot be ruled out that the affected products may contain Listeria monocytogenes bacteria. This germ can lead to serious illnesses with flu-like symptoms and, in rare cases, can be fatal," according to the company's website.

Pregnant women are at increased risk Listeria is a bacteria that may trigger the dangerous disease listeriosis. This infectious disease, which has been reportable in Germany since 2001, mainly affects people who have poor physical defense. In addition, pregnant women have an approximately 12-fold increased risk of developing this. The course of the disease is similar to that of a flu. Sick people initially suffer from diarrhea and severe abdominal pain and later often from fever, severe headache or even paralysis and dizziness. Because it can take up to two months between infection and illness, diagnosis of listeriosis is sometimes difficult. Therefore, the symptoms described should be taken seriously. If there is evidence, treatment with antibiotics is carried out. (ad)

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